Saucy Santana's New Song Teaser Takes Shots At Akademiks

Saucy Santana’s New Song Teaser Takes Shots At Akademiks

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Saucy Santana’s new song teaser has, reignited his ongoing feud with the controversial podcaster and internet personality, Akademiks.

More to this. Saucy Santana’s new song teaser was filled with hard-hitting lyrics aimed squarely at his adversary, further intensifying their heated rivalry.

In a short video clip shared on social media on November 8. Santana takes the opportunity to address Akademiks.

However. This was done by utilizing his music as a means of delivering a stinging retort. His rap in the teaser includes lines like…

“You’re getting punked by a gay dude; You’re a bitch trying to blame it on some gay rules”.

Furthermore. Santana did not stop there. He also proceeded to castigate Akademiks for his questionable behavior towards women.

Although. This is an issue that has faced significant criticism in the past.

In addition. The openly gay rapper also throws various insults at Akademiks, labeling him a “pussy” and a “snitch”.

Also. This feud between the two escalated the prior month.

During that time. Akademiks made derogatory comments. And it was about the City Girls, labeling them as…

“non-talented”. He further asserted that their musical significance had “fizzled out”.

Saucy Santana. Who is also a close associate of the Florida-based musical duo, took exception to these remarks.

As a result of this. It provoked Akademiks to respond with a homophobic rant. With slurs and offensive language.

But in retaliation to this act. Santana issued a direct threat against Akademiks. Which lead to significant controversy and a public uproar.

Additionally. The animosity between the two continues to rage on. With Akademiks expressing genuine concerns.

Although. This concern is about the possibility of being “canceled”.

With the release of this new song teaser. It appears that this feud is far from over, and it will likely persist.

In conclusion. The ultimate impact of their ongoing confrontation remains uncertain. And this has left many observers eager to see how this rivalry will unfold.