Ryan Garcia kanye west

Ryan Garcia against Kanye West for turning down Boxer in defence of Diddy.

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Boxer Ryan Garcia has criticised Kanye West for supposedly turning down his invitation to get to the ring because of a joke about Diddy.

Ryan Garcia unleashed his fury on the Chicago rap legend on Tuesday, April 9, during a long tirade on X (formerly Twitter). Garcia believes that the mogul is “mad” with him for yelling “no Diddy,” a play on the “pause” cliché that has gained traction following the mogul’s accusations of sexual assault.

In response to a question concerning his walkout offer to Ye, the 25-year-old remarked, “Kanye told me ‘no,'” in a news conference held prior to his fight with Devin Haney on April 20. He is upset that I told him “no, Diddy.”

He was making reference to an earlier message he sent to 50 Cent, stating that it would be amazing if he went out with him on April 20. Not a diddy. Let’s get this done!

The boxer then went on a savage social media diatribe, ridiculing Kanye West for his split from Kim Kardashian, his antisemitic incident, and his cancelled adidas contract.

Why was I upset with Kanye for stating “no diddy”? Garcia started, “He went crazy when he claimed to be the New Jesus.

Kanye believed himself to be [unbreakable] and cool, but you have to be careful what you say. After then, it will turn back around. You lost Kim, someone you truly loved. Pete had her; sorry, carnival came to your aid.

“Even now, you’re actually standing up for someone the feds are after, and the absurd thing is, you told everyone about him.” And now that you have elevated yourself above God—you are not God and nobody else—you have altered your mind.