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With A$AP Rocky, Rihanna is willing to have at least one more child, albeit she has a preference for a certain gender.

Riot (born in August 2023) and RZA (born in May 2022) are the power couple’s two boys, but RiRi has stated that she wants her family to become even larger.

In an interview with Mel Ottenberg, editor-in-chief of Interview Magazine and longtime stylist, the Bajan beauty expressed her desire to have “as many [kids] as God wants” and expressed her desire to give birth to a daughter.

She remarked, “I would go for more than two, but I don’t know what God wants.” “I would give my girl a try. Naturally, though, if it’s another boy, then it’s another boy.

In other parts of the conversation, Rihanna talked about becoming a mother and parenting her two boys with her five-year partner, A$AP Rocky.

“Hey, hey, hello,” she said, revealing that RZA’s first word was “hey.” She continued, “I used to try to catch his attention all the time. I kept singing, and he kept following me repeatedly, until one day he repeated it back to me in the same tune.

The 36-year-old added that the COVID-19 lockdown “sped up” their relationship, which ended up being a blessing in disguise, and lauded Rocky as a loving parent.


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“God clearly knew we would need it because we were going to have kids. And we would have needed a lot more time to get to know one another and even realise that we were ready if COVID hadn’t been in place,” the woman claimed.

“We didn’t really discuss having children at all.” It was beyond dispute. We had never experienced anything better than that. It simply took place.

“I just let go and let God lead,” she continued. Because even when I gave it everything I had in past relationships, you still seemed to think it wasn’t enough.