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After a heated argument over “sneak diving,” Yung Miami and JT reconcile.

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JT from the City Girls and Yung Miami  seem to have patched things up after arguing over charges of “sneak dissing.”

On Monday, April 8, the two close friends and group members shared pictures on social media, but a day later, it seemed as though they had made up.

“Jatavia we just got off the phone now we back to the internet????” Yung Miami posted on X (previously Twitter) in response to the back and forth.

“This tweet was BEFORE the phone conversation don’t know why it didn’t go through maybe because everybody blowing up my phone & it still stands,” JT said in explaining the incident that led to the post on X.

Miami answered, “Jatavia” I cherish you. I’m going to move on.

JT then declared, “I love you more,” in return for the reunion. In reality, I adore you the most.


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After Yung Miami intervened in a social media dispute between JT and Saucy Santana, along with a Nicki Minaj fan, tensions between the two flared up.


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“A bitch been sneak dissing me for weeks and I ain’t say shit what a bitch mad at me fa????…………….!” Miami wrote.

After that, JT retweeted the message, saying, “Oh, Ms. Mama, this is your LAST day being stupid!”

She went on to provide additional information for her fans, saying, “It will be too much for me to tweet! I would want to take a seat. Please, Caresha! And get out of Santana’s house this time!


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“I realise I seem strange, but I have never in my life treated this girl badly. She actually gets pleasure from watching me be dragged, and when someone shows me love, she becomes mad and calls it a hate train! But like I mentioned, we can sit down and discuss it!

“And I was for sure there for her from the beginning but y’all will see this in time that I’m not, never was, & never will be the problem!” JT said in response to a fan who brought up the possibility that Miami may be struggling as a result of her being mentioned in one of Diddy’s sexual assault lawsuits. I hope you have a pleasant day.