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50 Cent keeps taunting Diddy earthing an awkward Mike Tyson video.

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When it comes to making fun of Diddy, 50 Cent never stops. His most recent jab at the Bad Boy CEO features Mike Tyson.

On Sunday, April 7, 50 posted a video of Puffy and Tyson’s awful 1998 performance together on The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show to Instagram.

In reference to his hit song from 1997 featuring Biggie, Lil Kim, and The LOX, “It truly is about the Benjamins,” Mike Tyson raised Diddy’s hand during the interview to display his jewellery.

However, 50 stated that Tyson was pulling Diddy’s hand away from him because he didn’t like where it was on the video.

“Oh no, you’re not going to touch my ASS buddy,” laughed Mike. LOL,” he captioned, seemingly joking that Puffy desired to make out with the world boxing champion.

Shortly after making fun of Diddy on stage the previous evening at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival, 50 Cent posted the video.


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“Brother, no P. Diddy, I love you.” He made reference to the “pause”-style joke made at the expense of the Bad Boy boss and claims that he paid women for sex, saying, “I love you…even if you’re a sex worker,” to the assembled audience.

Prior to that, the G-Unit leader once more alluded to Diddy’s sexual orientation by making fun of him for riding a bike in the midst of his growing legal issues.

After pictures of the troubled businessman riding without seeming upset appeared online, 50 made the quip, “You know there ain’t no seat on that bike right!”

Since Diddy was the target of numerous lawsuits alleging sexual assault and had Homeland Security raid his properties as part of a federal investigation into sex trafficking, 50 has been tormenting him nonstop in recent months.

The 54-year-old fiercely refuted each and every accusation, and in spite of the civil lawsuits, she has not yet been charged with any crime.