Roddy Ricch Feed Tha Streets 3

Roddy Ricch Feeds The Streets as He Buys Groceries For L.A. Residents

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Roddy Ricch after releasing his 2022 album as Feed Tha Streets III, he then moved on in demonstrating the meaning of his new album. The rapper’s latest album for this year is out. It will at least serve his fans through the Xmas season and more. Roddy Ricch feeds the residents in Los Angeles L.A by buying them Groceries.

This is coming after he released his FTS III album yesterday. The people that reside in L.Were much lucky enough to encounter the rapper at Ralph’s in L. A and he buys and paid everything they took away home. Below you will watch the rapper and his fans in this happy moment.

How it all started was the rapper himself walk into an L.A. grocery store and took over the loudspeaker and then ask everyone in the store to take whatever and he’d be paying all of their tabs for the day. Although some terms and conditions apply. It will only last for 30 minutes, he said.

Roddy went on to hear stories from customers who were very appreciative of his gesture to the point one woman was on the verge of tears. “Thank you so much, I just wanna cry right now,” she said, while another shopper added: “This is a blessing today.”

This is very interesting and also important for his newly released album. The album was released yesterday featuring Lil Durk on a song ‘Twin’and Ty Dolla $ign on ‘Bacc Seat’. The album currently getting love and support. Seeing him on this move shows care and love

This is not the first time he is giving back. At we also recall that he has done plenty of giving back in recent weeks, including when he pulled up to a middle school to offer some words of wisdom during his tour stop with Post Malone in New York City last month.

Roddy Ricch Feeds his fans and supporters and that was amazing. You can watch the video below and let us know what you think.