Rihanna 2024 tour

Rihanna Says She Need to Drop New songs Before Going On a Tour Come 2024.

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Female Singer “Rihanna” in a recent statement  has considered dropping some new songs before she could go on a tour, this statement was a strong confirmation  that she will she is going  to hit the road come 2024 for a music tour.

Meanwhile, sometimes last month, rumour broke out saying that Rihanna and her team were gearing  up for a music tour, and she has now confirmed that news, but it is on the condition that she has to drop some new songs before  embarking on that tour.


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Moreover, this condition of releasing some new songs before  going in a tour come 2024 is just to give her fans what they want and nwhat she thinks that they deserve as she stated that “it can only be fair” if she can achieve that.

A UK based reporter had once revealed in October about some certain preparation and plans that the female singer is making towards the upcoming  tour, according the reporter named “The Mirror” Rihanna already inked a $20+ million deal with Live Nation to facilitate this grand tour.

And also, she is working on a two music album that will be released ahead of tbe tour, meanwhile, this was revealed during her Fenty Creeper Phatty Sneaker collection celebrations when she spoke to the Entertainment Tonight about what she has coming up.

“Well we’re always gonna go back on tour, I feel like, when there’s new music. We already know what that’s gonna be, with the songs that I’ve performed my last tour. That was a long time ago, I feel like it’s only fair that my fans get what they’ve been waiting on, which is new music. After that, lets just like, blow everything up” Rihanna  said as she revealed her plans toward the upcoming 2024 tour.