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Drake unsure About Performing with J. Cole Following Kendrick Lamar’s Diss

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It is said that Drake was reluctant to play with J. Cole again after Kendrick Lamar made fun of them both on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That.”

In the most recent episode of the New Rory & Mal podcast, Mal stated that Drizzy expressed uncertainty about performing with Cole at the Dreamville Festival last weekend. Cole later issued a controversial apology to Kendrick for retaliating against him on “7 Minute Drill.”

“He knows he’s my n-gga, but he might get upset with me for talking about it.” I had one question for Drake. “Hey, you going to Dream Fest this weekend?” I said. stated Mal.

And on Friday night, when I heard his response, it seemed a little strange, but by Sunday night, it all made perfect sense. “I don’t know, should I?” he asks.Because this moment is strange. Are we playing the song from the record? Is it possible for us to stage “First Person Shooter”?

Drake’s response, as if in his own words, was further reported by the podcaster: “He has to change the bar now.” It’s time for him to piss on Kendrick. Is it our intention to humiliate Kendrick each time we make a record? Unless we’re dissing Kendrick, no one wants to hear us together.

Mal’s remarks caused many fans to rethink “First Person Shooter,” since it contains a line that honours Kendrick (“Love when they argue the hardest MC”)./ Is that K. Dot? Is that Aubrey? Cole raps, “Or me?/ We the big three like we started a league, but right now, I feel like Muhammad Ali.”

On X, someone remarked, “I never even considered this.” For J. Cole and Drake, Kendrick’s verse destroyed “First Person Shooter,” since they couldn’t execute the song after praising Kendrick in it. [emoji of a sobbing face] Kendrick is playing chess.

Drake was criticised by another for leaving Jermaine on his own at the Dreamville Festival, thus abandoning J.Cole. You have a friend there, sir.

Another joker said, “That would have been the funniest thing ever if Drake was on stage while J.Cole apologised,” while a user asserted that Drake was “scared” of Kendrick.