A$AP Rocky to face trial

A$AP Rocky to face Court Trials Over Shooting Incident

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The Shooting incident that happened between A$AP Rocky and A$AP Relli isto be a very great reason for Rihanna’s husband “A$AP Rocky” to face trial in January 2024.

Considering the hearing  that happened on November 9, 2023, and following  all the evidences that the prosecutor presented to the court, the judge who is handling the case has determined  that there is enought reason for the rapper “A$AP Rocky” to face trial next year 2024.

Following  evidence that was in form of a video, which shows the conversation that led to the incident thay caused him to shooting  his friend and former collective group member A$AP Relli in 2021.

According to the statements made by A$AP Rocky former collective group member A$AP Relli in 2021, he stated that he has been having some kind of dispute  with the rapper “A$AP Rocky ” which he felt the need for them to settle.

So, when they agreed  to meet on November 6, 2021, in order to discuss their dispute amd figure out a way to put an end to it, as Rapper “A$AP Rocky” insisted that they meet face to face before anything can be done.

According to A$AP Relli,  “when they got to the place that they agreed to meet, A$AP Rocky showed up with two men- Illijah Ulanger, also known as A$AP Illz, and Jamel Phillips, also known as A$AP Twelvyy, one of whom carried a knife, and Rocky carrying a gun” A$AP Relli narrated on the first hearing of the case on November 9, 2023.

Meanwhile, A$AP Relli claim that the rapper “A$AP Rocky also threatened to take his life as he told him  “I’ll kill you right now.”

So with a of this evidences, the judge has determined that A$AP Rocky has to face trial.