Rick Ross Helps Journalist Don Lemon with a Job at Wingstop

Rick Ross Helps Journalist Don Lemon with a Job at Wingstop

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Rick Ross is a man of doings. Despite being one of the best rappers alive, Rick Ross also has a good heart. Rick Ross Job isn’t only to rap but the rapper has his own way of making people find a job else you can offer you one if he has

So far, Rozay keeps showing love. Having acquired Meek Mill Mansion, here is another good headline of Rick Ross. This time he has offered a new Job to Don Lemon, a TV journalist who was fired from his formal work at CNN.

Don Lemon became a major top few days ago after getting fired from CNN. Not everyone loves what really happened to him after working with the broadcasting network for about two decades. Rick Ross had to weigh in and offer him a job.

“It’s the biggest boss in the game, Ricky Rozay,” the MMG rapper starts the video. “I just found out Don Lemon was terminated from CNN. Damn, Don. But guess what? The brothers got your back. We hiring at Wingstop. For some reason, I believe you know what you doing with them lemon pepper wings. Send over your resume…I’ma make sure I get you in front of the right grill, brother. Stay solid, brother.”

Rick Ross has got him a job at Wingstop. Rozay is in full cooperation with Wingstop and has more franchise there.

Last August, Ross was fined by the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division for violations at multiple Wingstop locations. He later addressed the issue on social media.

Don Lemon was unceremoniously fired from CNN after 17 years with the network on Monday. The move came after allegations of mistreating female coworkers and controversial on-air comments. Lemon claimed he was blindsided by the news in a statement he released via Twitter on Monday. CNN, however, has refuted the claims.

Rick Ross wasn’t the only celebrity whose comments on the Don Lemon firing went viral. Former president Donald Trump also weighed in on Don Lemon’s ouster