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How to Cope with Emotions; Lil Durk Explains

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Just like Jay-Z l, 50 Cent, Kanye West, and more, you can always learn how to make money. They are likely to be the most influential hip-hop sensations who are making it big outside the game. So many things to learn from hip-hop and Lil Durk has shared a definite solution on how to control emotions.

If you’re truly a Lil Durk fan, then you should be able to know his elder brother and his childhood friend King Von who was killed following a shooting outbreak that led him to death. The rapper has been facing some tough times thinking about his brother and friends.

Handling emotions is something that not everyone can deal with. But Lil Durk had to go through a therapist to cope. He was able to detail the experience he passed through. The interview he recently had with XXLmag is more of unveiling plans for 2023. There also, he explained how a therapist helped him.

“I got a therapist so I cope different. … I don’t show emotion,” the hitmaker told journalist Georgette Cline. “So, some people will be like, ‘Man, you can’t hold it in.’ And I just can’t talk to nobody usually. You gotta be careful how you tell people, what you tell people, because they can use it against you. They can find out your weaknesses. So now, when I talk to the therapist, then it start getting more emotional. But like somebody on the street, you’ll never even see me shed a tear.”

From what we observed from Lil Durk’s interview on XXL, knowing how to handle emotions is very necessary if possible, and adopting a third party as a therapist will play a vital role as well.

Though the Chicago resident rapper noted that his gravitation to therapy wasn’t particularly a byproduct of friends and family members being murdered, but is something he could have benefitted from dating back to his formative years. “Nah, I think I had to go to therapy fresh out the womb.”

Durk’s self-control has even grown unexpectedly since the death of his friend. His gestures these days are quite interesting. Last year he said he won’t diss the dead rappers. Meanwhile, Lil Durk’s 2023 songs and features are diss-free. He’s only improving to help his community.

How to control Emotions

  • Have a personal therapist
  • Stay away from bad friends
  • Find out what you are feeling
  • Replace negative thoughts
  • Explore your emotions

Lil Durk has a therapist, and he prefers not to share his emotions with untrusted friends. Keep it to yourself and reason why you are feeling that way. There are people you can explore your emotions with and they can help you replace the negative thoughts, just like a therapist.

Lil Durk sometimes feels bad whenever he remembers his loved ones who were killed in gunshots. In 2015 his manager OTF Chino was shot and killed in Chicago. After that, the rapper also lost another closet, King Von and that was in 2020. Durk later lost his elder brother DThang and was killed in a shooting outside of an Illinois club.