Best male rappers alive in 2022

Best Male Rappers Alive In 2022 Top 10

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In this, we are listing the best Male rappers alive in 2022 to 10. The list is created based on how we have examined some rappers who have dropped a new album, single or collaboration.

Also, note that is not based on the greatest of all time although some of your favourite rappers made the list. They struggled to make sure their fans receive more of the lyrics via collaboration or standalone. Just like Eminem, Jay-Z, J.Cole and more are on the list below.

Having said that, you can check out our best female rappers alive on the 2022 top 10 list. Just 10 rappers are rated from our end as we make research and also compare their respective incredible rap skills.

So, which rappers made your list more appealing. However, here on biglinks, we have done this pretty job in presenting to you all best rappers alive in 2022 category, American best male rappers to be precise and you should check them below.

Best Male Rappers Alive In 2022 Top 10

  • Jay-Z
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Lil Wayne
  • Kanye West
  • J. Cole
  • Drake
  • Lil Baby
  • Lil Durk
  • 50 Cent
  • Eminem


 best male rapper

Yes, Jay-Z remains one of the greatest rap machines that everyone wants to hear in his rap line. Hov might not be dropping any album but once you lap him on a collaboration then you spotted him as one of the best. Has he released any solo single since this year? Well, it’s obviously No but the mogul has maintained best rapper status via Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry album, on Neck & Wrist song.

Kendrick Lamar.

 2022 Kendrick Lamar rap

You don’t need to wonder how he managed to appear on the best male rapper alive in 2022 top 10. Let the fact be told, Kendrick Lamar has always been in the greatest rappers’ elite category. Old or new songs he always can’t be underrated. Though have you ever wondered what will happen if he releases his new album “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” that’s about to drop this month. It’s going to fire. You can also check out his 2019 songs compilation while you wait for the new album.

Lil Wayne.

Best male rapper alive in 2022 lil wayne

As for Lil Wayne, he is one of the 2022 male GOATs. Lil Wayne since his last album never slowed it. His rap front is still intact and streaming through his 2022 songs compilation then giving enlisting him as the best male rapper alive isn’t an option become he deserves it. He has gotten more features this year while we keep dreaming to welcome a new album from him. But is Lil Wayne working on a new album?

Kanye West.

2022 kanye west award

Kanye West, one of the best American male rappers alive in 2022? Yes YE is worth it because he never let down his career. Kanye West has been assisting some of his hip hop contemporaries in shoving their album, singles and more. His DONDA 2 is also an amazing project he lifted for success. He has helped Pusha T as well as joined Future’s I NEVER LIKED YOU album.

J. Cole.

J. Cole one of the best rappers

J. Cole is always on time. Have you thought of those rappers that should be dropping a new album? Those anticipated projects. J. Cole is not just an album folks expect to drop but they want J. Cold deliver. However, J. Cole at least has offered his fans some tasty songs via collaboration like LONDON, a song from BIA. But the best part of it is that J. Cole same this year joined forces with Dreamville mixtape called D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz mixtape. As you can see. He is a good ageing rapper of course those songs he featured on have made him one of the best.


 2022 Drake songs

Drake will always be a great rapper as far as this generation is concerned. Normally, Drake isn’t a rapper who builds a fanbase through regular album drop. He takes time to release any follow-up project. As for 2022, Drake remains the most hip-hop rapper with the best stream in U.S then followed by NBA Youngboy. Is that what made him one of the best male rappers alive? Of course, yes and he has assisted a few new songs which you can check out here.

Lil Baby.

 2022 lil Baby stage

Lil Baby was everyone’s favourite collaborator last year. He and Lil Durk did pretty work on their 2021 joint album and My Turn is his last album so far. It’s 2022, and Lil Baby still maintains his rap, getting collaborations from Nicki Minaj to Future and more to come later this. Lil Baby 2022 songs can be streamed here. But also remember he never announced any album yet but has dropped a couple of songs this year.

Lil Durk.

Best male rapper alive in 2022 lil durk

Lil Durk is the second rapper that began to receive collaborations earlier this year. Just after we started Lil Wayne 2022 songs compilation. Durk is one of the best rappers we have seen since this year. Having released his first 2022 album as 7220, Lil Durk has then been featured on more songs as a rapper. 50 Cent, featured him, Gucci Mane, Future and more you can find on his 2022 songs features compilation.

50 Cent.

Best male rapper alive in 2022 50 Cent

50 Cent this year has also proven he remains the 50 Cent we know. He teamed up with a cool interest from his TV Show series. Lil Durk and Jeremih helped 50 Cent on his  ‘FORCE’ Theme Song ‘Power Powder Respect.’ If you have really missed 50 rap, maybe you should listen to PPR below.


 2022 Eminem 2022 songs

Sure can’t miss it. Eminem made the best male rappers alive in 2022. Shady has not released any new album checking out his 2022 songs is worth it. Last we compiled Eminem’s 2021 songs yet he has assisted some collaborations from The Contract to Cordae’s Parables. Eminem has only two songs associated and is a matter of being alive as one of the top-notch rappers who merit the list.