‘Pee Diddy’ Trends After Yung Miami Accepts Him to Be Peed On Her
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Things about Peed Diddy and Yung Miami are getting pretty interesting. Last year there was a lot about Diddy and Yung Miami. After attending a church with the rapper, she was very happy and expressed herself more. This time again Yung Miami has revealed that she love to see Pee Diddy Pee on her anytime they are having sex.

She disclosed this in her latest interview where she moved to talk about Pee Diddy and the way he keeps mesmerizing her.

Yes, that was two days ago Yung Miami hosted a new podcast Caresha Please and she featured Trian. Their conversations weren’t about a particular topic because there were some other things they talked about which include Pee Diddy

The podcast became more interesting after a question was asked if the women were fans of golden showers, the nickname for urinating on someone as a sexual act. The response she was quite astonished and this made the inter to hunt out Pee Diddy following Yung Miami response to Golden showers question.

“I do,” Yung Miami admitted at the 1:47:57-mark of the podcast.

“Golden showers?” Trina questioned. “Meaning when the guy pees on you everywhere? You like it?”

“I just like it,” Yung Miami doubled down. “I don’t know, it just do something to me.”

Yung Miami just caused Twitter to start trending just like Cardi B did last week. Her relationship with Piddy is getting more interesting. But the confusion here is that the City Girls rapper has always admitted they are not dating. She only loves being around him, as well get Peed.

Now you all need to see some reactions on Twitter. However, Diddy hasn’t responded to this but fans are watching their next move after Yung Miami admitted she loves getting Peed by Pee Diddy.

Meanwhile, below you can watch the interview where Yung Miami admitted Pee Diddy Pee on her. She loves it a lot. Watch the interview yourself a d let us know what you think.