Diddy & Son Hits on 2023 Song

Diddy & Son Hits on 2023 Song

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Checking out Aswehiphop top compilations then you will notice that Puff AKA P Diddy is not among our top rappers with whom we compiled their 2022 featured songs. Diddy and son Christian Combs (also known as King) hits on 2023. Well, that will be more amazing.

In 2022 didn’t see a lot of Diddy’s songs. But there are a few songs you might have missed from Puff this year. Remember, he first released Gotta Move On back in May. He later came back in July with an official video with Bryson Tiller just for the song.

That was the only song P Diddy released so this year. He released the remix of Gotta Move On featuring Young Miami, Tory Lanez, Fabolous and more. It was actually a star-studded single. Having said that Diddy is simply prepping for a new album and he is hitting up 2023 with new songs.

Diddy 2023 songs will begin next year. If you don’t know, Diddy last full length studio album was released in 2006 as Press Play. But during his recent on Billboard, the rapper confirmed that he will dropping new songs by January 2023. Though he didn’t give more information about follow-up album. Hopefully he is working on new album.

While King, 24, has followed in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in music, he has cited his late mother, Kim Porter, as a constant source of inspiration. 

“She’s, like, my biggest fan. I’ve really been working and doing music since I was 16. Like my pops said, from the jump he wasn’t going to help me give me no producer help, writer help, because he didn’t want me to ever have to lean on him or depend on him,” King Combs insisted.

Most recently, Diddy and PARTYNEXTDOOR shared new song Sex In Porsche. The song came after his Rick Ross Collaboration video Watcha Gon Do. You can watch the video below.