Nicki Minaj Best Songs: Updated, Exploring Her Greatest Hits

Nicki Minaj Best Songs: Updated, Exploring Her Greatest Hits

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Today on Aswehiphop, we’ve compiled a list of Nicki Minaj best songs.

Furthermore, The undisputed Queen of Rap since her debut in 2007. Has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Although, This journey to stardom began with her signing to Lil Wayne‘s Young Money label in 2009. And her meteoric rise continued with the release of the platinum-certified debut album, “Pink Friday”, in 2010.

As Nicki Minaj gears up for the release of “Pink Friday 2”. Her fans, known as the Barbz, are immersed in the fictional world of Gag City on social media platforms.

Moreover, In anticipation of her latest offering, let’s take a nostalgic trip through 30 of Nicki Minaj best songs, showcasing her evolution as an artist.

Top 30 Nicki Minaj best songs

1. Truffle Butter
Featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, this track is a testament to Nicki’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with hip-hop heavyweights.

2. Autobiography
A solo venture that delves into Nicki’s personal journey, showcasing her storytelling prowess.

3. Roman’s Revenge
Collaborating with Eminem, Nicki delivers fiery verses in this intense and powerful track.

4. I Get Crazy
Teaming up with Lil Wayne, this song is a high-energy display of Nicki’s rap prowess.

5. Pills N Potion
Demonstrating her versatility, this track explores a different musical dimension for Nicki.

6. Did It On’em
A bold and unapologetic anthem showcasing Nicki’s unfiltered style and confidence.

7. Chi-Raq
Featuring G Herbo, this song exhibits Nicki’s fierce delivery and lyrical prowess.

8. Lookin Ass
Nicki asserts her dominance with sharp lyrics and a powerful delivery in this track.

9. Want Some More
An energetic and infectious song where Nicki commands attention with her unique flow.

10. Anaconda
This iconic track flaunts Nicki’s bold and unapologetic persona, accompanied by a memorable music video.

11. Feeling Myself
Teaming up with Beyoncé, Nicki exudes confidence and celebrates self-love in this empowering anthem.

12. Moment 4 Life
Collaborating with Drake, this track reflects on Nicki’s rise to fame and success.

13. Right Thru Me
A more introspective song, showcasing Nicki’s vulnerability and emotional depth.

14. Beez in the Trap
Featuring 2 Chainz, this track is a gritty and energetic display of Nicki’s rap skills.

15. Champion
Collaborating with Drake, Nas, and Jeezy, Nicki delivers a triumphant and empowering anthem.

16. Stupid Hoe
This bold and unapologetic track is a testament to Nicki’s fearlessness in the face of criticism.

17. Come on a Cone
A high-energy track where Nicki flexes her lyrical muscles with confidence.

18. Itty Bitty Piggy
An early gem that showcases Nicki’s raw talent and unique style.

19. The Crying Game
This emotionally charged track reveals a different facet of Nicki’s artistry.

20. Super Bass
A pop-infused hit that catapulted Nicki to mainstream success, showcasing her versatility.

21. Jump Off ’07
A throwback track that highlights Nicki’s early contributions to the rap scene.

22. Good Form
Featuring Lil Wayne, this track is a celebration of Nicki’s unapologetic and confident persona.

23. Chun-Li
A standout single where Nicki embraces her alter ego and delivers fierce verses.

24. Barbie World
Teaming up with Ice Spice, this collaborative effort showcases Nicki’s playful side.

25. Super Freaky Girl
Nicki’s versatility shines in this track, demonstrating her ability to tackle different musical styles.

26. Barbie Dreams
A bold and playful track where Nicki humorously addresses her peers in the industry.

27. Red Ruby Da Sleeze
An early gem that reflects Nicki’s evolution as an artist.

28. Seeing Green
Collaborating with Drake and Lil Wayne, Nicki delivers memorable verses in this standout track.

29. Fly
Featuring Rihanna, this track is a testament to Nicki’s crossover appeal and star power.

30. Last Time I Saw You
Closing the list with emotional depth, this track showcases Nicki’s ability to connect with her audience.

As Nicki Minaj continues to make musical history, these 30 songs serve as a testament to her enduring impact on the rap genre and the music industry as a whole. From bold anthems to introspective ballads, Nicki’s discography is a rich tapestry of artistry that has resonated with fans worldwide.