Soulja Boy MTV VMAS complaints

MTV VMAS _ Nicki Minaj Reacts to Soulja Boy Complaints

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Soulja Boy has previously laid complaints about his displeasure with the fact that he was not invited  to partake with the  New York MC during the annual gathering for her production of “Itty Bitty Piggy,” “MTV VMAS” samples the internet sensation’s 2008 hit, “Donk”

His complaints was really raising a kind of tension among the fans which is why that two rappers had to go on Instagram live on Monday (November 6), to address  the matter so that fans will not starting  taking  a different  perspective about what actually happened.

Knowing fully well that Nicki Minaj was the host at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards “MTV VMAS” where she also performed she actually made the history of the first female artist  to host the show for a three straight times.

Meanwhile, in the instagram live video, she was able to address Soulja Boy’s complaints concerning  the issue “I would’ve loved nothing more than to have you there. This is a prime fucking example … of how shit can go left real fast. I don’t know if you know, but I ended up having to perform three times and hosting a show and doing a red carpet, right? It was at the last minute that I even decided what I was gonna perform in that slot.”

Meanwhile,  after her explanations, Soulja Boy had to apologise to her for the kind of pressure he put on her with the complaints  he made because of the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards “MTV VMAS

“It’s never no disrespect to the queen. We love and support everything you do. I just felt a little certain type of way with MTV VMAS but you got it cleared up, it’s all good” Soulja Boy stated.