Watch Ludacris Freestyle Armani White‘s “Billie Eilish”
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Ludacris Freestyle of Armani White‘s “Billie Eilish” has stared a lot reactions online following the fact the for sometimes, he has been into acting movie.

Meanwhile, a lot of people thinks that he has Lost his stands in the rap game Ludacris just proved them wrong with the freestyle he made with Armani White‘s “Billie Eilish”.

On Tuesday (November 22), the rapper took out time on his Instagram account to address the freestyle video clip he released online, according to him, he is working in the remix of the “Billie Eilish” and has promise that it will drop soon.


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Meanwhile looking at some records, it has been up to seven years Ludacris released a project, which is his Album titled “Ludaversal” Although the has been lot  busy with his filming career and that can be the reason why he has been somehow absent from music.

Although looking at things, Ludacris is about to return to the rap game and he is starting with a remix of “Billie Eilish” as he reviewed that it’s just “friendly reminder,”.

Lot of fans are so happy with him right now are they are expecting him to return with some good vibes, although he is not bad in his acting career as he showed up in SL many movies which actually really good movies.

Some of this movies includes “the box office jugganaut Fast & Furious franchise), a new toy line, his Netflix children’s show Karma’s World and finishing college,” he is really making great impact in the movie industry and that why he is being so busy lately.

Meanwhile, Ludacris returning to music would not stop him from attending to his shooting career and he would be receiving “star”award on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year 2023 alone side with his colleagues.