Nba YoungBoy Demonic Music Industry

Nba YoungBoy Discloses his Deal with “Demonic Music Industry”

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Rapper Nba YoungBoy has revealed what his deal with the “Demonic Music Industry” is all about as he stated that he is never a fan of the Industry.

During  a recent interview he had with complex whicj a very rare thing for the rapper to do, but finally accepted to be interviewed at the Complex,  at his Utah home, their conversation really got so deep to the extent of taking  about what he is actually  doing  with the “Demonic Music Industry.”

Following  tbe rapper’s statements, he is never a fan of tbe Industry, Nba YoungBoy  clearly  stated that they are just using  him for promotion  and and as Entertainment,  which is actually  contrary to what many people are thinking  about him.

“It’s a demonic industry that I chose to be a part of, So it’s like, I accept it. I run with it. But don’t be a dummy at the same time. You gotta understand, they’re using me as entertainment. And this shit becomes self-destruction too, ’cause I ain’t an entertainer. Some shit can’t be spoke on. Why? Man, ’cause this shit is to be continued.” Nba YoungBoy stated as he clears the air about his association with the Demonoc Music industry.

Meanwhile, the rapper, despite being on some home rest since 2021 been really  doing  very well musically, he released  his mixtape, Decided 2, on November 10 which actually serves as a sequel to 2018’s Decided.

Throughout this year, Nba YoungBoy has been able to drop up to four Music projects and collaborations starting from his January’s I Rest My Case, April’s Don’t Try This At Home and May’s Richest Opp.

Fans are now a kind of free with the rapper following  the reveal he has made concerning his partnership with the Demonic Music Industry.