NBA YoungBoy 2023 songs

NBA YoungBoy 2023 Songs & Features

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NBA YoungBoy 2023 songs could be as numerous as his 2022 songs. Last year the rapper had it bigger and more. So this year we will also get NBA YoungBoy’s new hits.

NBA YoungBoy 2023 began with a new album which he released as I Rest My Case. An album which he started to create athe awareness back in 2022.

However, on this page, Aswehiphop will be compiling NBA YoungBoy 2023 songs and features. It will include his standalone songs which he released this year.

So, below are new feature songs of NBA YoungBoy. Also, note that this compilation will last throughout this year. Always come back to check for NBA features and more.

NBA YoungBoy 2023 Songs & Features

  • Richest Opp (Album)
  • Project Walls (Feat.)
  • I Need To Know
  • Cut U Off (Feat.)
  • Won’t Back Down (Feat.)
  • Don’t Try This At Home (Album)
  • Rear View (Feat.)
  • Members Only (Feat.)
  • Demon Party
  • Next
  • Shmunk (Feat.)
  • I Rest My Case (Album)
  • Fools Falls N Love (Feat.)

Richest Opp

NBA YoungBoy’s third album, titled “Richest Opp,” comprises 17 tracks that include diss tracks aimed at Drake, J. Cole, and other artists.

Project Walls,” On July 7th 2023, Lil TJay and NBA YoungBoy joined forces on a new song titled Project Walls, of this song on Lil TJay’s upcoming album 222. You can check it one as this has also become one of NBA YoungBoy’s 2023 song features.

I Need To Know, ” Just after a few weeks of dropping his Richest Opp album, NBA YoungBoy continues to drop more songs. But just note that he has released about three albums as listed above. “I Need To Know” is currently a standalone single until the rapper annual a new album. You can also check it out for the video.

Cut U Off

NBA YoungBoy is also one of the most featured rappers in 2023. Just after the release of his album Richest Opp, he then joined Jorner Luca on a new “Cut U Off“, released on June 8th 2023.

Won’t Back Down

Of course, NBA YoungBoy is one of the most featured rappers in 2023. Checking out this list, you will see some songs he has been featured on yet again Fast X has given us another chance to stream one of their song soundtracks. Won’t Back Down is the title of the song and it features Bailey Zimmerman and Dermont Kennedy. Listen to the song below.

Don’t Try This At Home

Do you know that NBA YoungBoy is still making moves. Same this year he dropped I Rest My Case. Today being 21st, he has released another one titled Don’t Try This At Hom. This album features Nicki Minaj, Post Malone and more. You can stream it below.

Rear View

Love it or loath it, NBA YoungBoy is all the way working on more albums. This 2023 will be a blast of hits from NBY YoungBoy. On this day 14th April 2023, NBA linked up with Mariah The Scientist on her new song titled Rear View. You can listen to the song below.

Members Only

As Aswehiphop keep on working hard to bring more NBA YoungBoy new songs on board, you should also know that the rapper has been busy with his next album titled Don’t Try This At Home. Upon all that, NBA YoungBoy has also linked up with ZAYEL on a song Members Only.

Demon Party

Some of these songs you listening on this page come from NBA YoungBoy’s album titled Don’t Try This At Home. While we also indicate any of the features as shown above, Demon Party is one of the songs he has released. It’s a follow-up to his Next track which you can stream below.


NBA YoungBoy, as we always say that he had this beautiful 2022, has continued to release new songs and today he shares Next with its official music video. You can listen to the song and watch the video below.


Yeat is one of these new rappers you should look up to this year. He just released his new album titled AftërLyfe featuring some hip-hop rappers. On the track Shmunk, he featured NBA YoungBoy making it another NBA 2023 featured song.

Fools Falls N Love

This is the first featured song NBA YoungBoy assisted. It came from the album Flowers and was officially released by Shy Glizzy who also featured Chris Brown, EST Gee, 21 Savage and more. NBA YoungBoy was featured on the Fools Falls N Love. You can listen to the song below.