Boosie Baddazz YG Who Do You Love?

Boosie Baddazz Claims YG Allegedly Stole his Lyrics on “Who Do You Love?”

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Boosie Baddazz has alleged that YG Stole his music Lyrics on his Drake’s 2014 collaboration “Who Do You Love?” Which was a track singer from Compton native’s My Krazy Life album in 2014.

The Baton Rouge rapper actually made this claim on his Instagram post on Tuesday (November 21), where narrated  that YG took his 2009 song lyrics  that also have the same title with his song without  his consent.

He has actually advised the Compton Native to come to his Dm for that they will talk things out, so that it won’t cause then any misunderstanding. “Check ya DM @yg MY G SO WE CAN TAKE CARE THIS” Boosie worte to YG.

Meanwhile,  following  some reviews that has been made concerning  this particular issue, it appeared  that YG has once admitted to the fact that he git some of his 2014 single from Boosie Baddazz 2009 “Who Do You Love?” with Genius prior to the release of the song.

Meanwhile, following  the sales record  made by YG’s 2014 album and single “Who Do You Love?”, “The hit single reached No. 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with My Krazy Life peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.”

Moreover,  Boosie Baddazz has been warning those artists  who go ahead to used his music lyrics for their songs without  his consent, as he threatens to take some legal actions pointing  at Rod Wave and Kodak Black.

“Rod Wave ain’t the only one. Y’all better do y’all research, I done got paperwork on the way. Lot of people, it ain’t just Rod Wave.” Boosie Baddazz stated on an instagram live this past weekend.

Following his further statements, he has noted that he is not against anyone using his music lyrics, but all he want is for them to be doing it in a right way by paying  him what he deserves as tbe mastermind.

“I love when they do that shit. They be giving my flowers, I be liking that shit when I hear it. It’s just, you gotta compensate me too. It’s a business”