Drake Trance from Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin’s ‘Trance’ Feat. Drake Verse Online

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Metro Boomin 2022 is one of the rappers who have counted in that had the best year. This rapper released his tremendous album Heroes & Villains it was great. “Metro Boomn Trance Feat. New Drake Verse Surfaces Online.” Drake Trance.

Heroes & Villains, after the album release Metro was able to score his first 2022 No.1 at Billboard on Hot 200 using the album. Although it was a star-studded project that featured potential rappers.

Travis Scott, Young Thug, 21 Savage and more were on the album. Travis Scott and Young Thug assisted Metro Boomin on the track titled Trance. They all get featured in the same album via other tracks respectively.

Now a new version of the song Trance has surfaced online on YouTube which has been taken down. Metro Boomin Trance song might have featured Drake but didn’t come true either something that is unbeknownst to us.

The leaked version of Drake’s verse on Metro Trance surfaced online. However, it’s no longer available due to copyright.


It also means that Drake was actually on the Metro Boomin Trance song but the full version was not released. There is no report so far of why Drake didn’t join Travis Scott and Young Thug on the song. This would have been more hit from Metro’s album.

While Drake and 21 Savage’s HER LOSS album was able to at Billboard No. 1 on Hot 200, Metro Boomin also got his on the same spot line on No.1.