Gunna and Young Thug Debutes From Behind Bars.

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Gunna and Young Thug have been kept behind bars for so long, meanwhile  theyare still pushing in their music career.

the two rappers has been behind bar over Rico case and has been denied bond twice  by the court despite all their attorney did in order to make sure that that they were granted bail but to no avail. meanwhile they are awaiting trial.

meanwhile, the two rappers collaboration with future title  “Pushin’ P” after making aover a one million sales in the US, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), has regarded it to be among the platinium.

this has brought back joy to the mind of the YSL family, also the according to some records, the sons recorded a great number of sales is capable of giving it a double platinum, but due to some circumstances, it has to be on pending.

it is also gathered that the song made it to the top 7 at billboard hot hundred and following the impact the song has made so far despite the fact that the ironic voices in the song has been behind bars ever since they were arrested for Rico.

the pllatinum success of the song “Pushin’ P” is something that all of fans have been expecting for a very long time and that has made i not to be a surprise to them, they are just happy ha what they are expecting has finally happened.

meanwhile the song was released by the artists before they were arrested, “Pushin’ P” is among the tracks in gunna’s  DS4EVER while happens to be his third studio album, according to some records, the album made more than 150,000 first-week album-equivalent units and then debuted at No. 1 0n billboard hot 200.