Meek mill talks about criticism he received from his album sales

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Meek mill has been on the necks of critics as the dragged him for his album not performing well both on the charts and sales. The rapper dropped his album earlier this month and was blocked by Drake’s CLB and Taylor swift fearless. According to billboard, the album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Expensive pain is Meek’s fifth solo studio album earned 95,000 album equivalent units in the week ending. It racked up 110.53 million on-demand streams and generated 10,000 pure sales.

Starting from Meeks album cover art, critics already started throwing shade at it before the news about the album sales which added more fuel to the frenzy the critics caused. DJ akademiks, who’s had a feud with meek for millenniums took his YouTube channel to all meek mills album an expensive flop.

People may call his album cover a piece of artwork but saw it a different way. His album cover which displays naked Black women, including some bent over with their legs open and this didn’t go well with critics as it ignited the massive drag. TMZ also shared a man shouting and pointing out what is exactly wrong with Meek Mill art cover for his new album as the album cover art was posted in public places.

Expensive pain, meek mill.

Recently, meek sits down with Speedy Norman of Complex to discuss about his album reviews from fans and concludes he wants nothing to do with the charts as people see his success the wrong way. “Even before my album just came out. They say it sold 90,000, I don’t know if they said that’s good or bad, but if we walk outside right now, you gon’ hear that shit booming from Maine to Spain,” he said.

He said he’d rather take it off billboard and also talked about somethings relating to Jay-z. “Me, I’d rather take me off Billboard. You gotta think about, what is the purpose of me being on Billboard. If JAY-Z talkin’ ’bout he don’t believe Billboard…he been in the game for 30 years. Why should I put myself in a position to be where they say, allegedly, something is being manipulated, and then I’m putting my brand on a list that’s being manipulated” the rapper said.

Meeks 5th studio album is on Amahiphop U.S PMVC October. Meek is one of the hip-hop artist who made it right from the streets to the big Screen. The rapper hails from Philadelphia and is not stopping his grind anytime soon.