Meek Mill FLAMERZ 5 Songs 2022

Meek Mill Says Next album Will Be on Jaypay or Cash App

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Another thing about Meek Mill is that a rapper wants the best for himself. Once he feels cheated then he is off immediately. Meek Mill album might not hit popular commercial streaming platforms. So he has advise his fans to get in touch with Jaypay or Cash App.

Meek Mill new album, well that will start with his Flamerz 5 which soon drop. The album was announced earlier this month and he has made it clear that it won’t be on streaming platform. Reason is because of low payout.

Meek Mill after announcing the mixtape and also sharing his next move with his upcoming project, he is back again just ahead of Flamerz 5 release.

“I wanna drop a album on jaypay or cash app,” Meek wrote. “Like I used to sell my shit in the street im not tryna get paid a dollar every 1000 streams lol who made that up tf.” this is what Meek Mill posted on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Flamerz 5 is not coming on Apple Music or Spotify. Another reason is because it strictly underground music. Waw, this Meek Mill making his decision. He also said he doesn’t Billboard to rate his album. He “can make the UnitedStates/world play it with one upload button.”

He doesn’t want any competition he just want give his fans the Meek Mill he always be they love him for that. This Meek Mill taking control of his fanbase and support.

Meek has previously complained about getting under-compensated and not knowing how much his label makes from his albums, and it looks like he maintains his stand.

In one of the rants on his series of tweets he launched against the music industry, he claimed that when artists “say they song went 5 times platinum,” he asks them, “how much did that song make in total and how much did you make as the creator?” He continued that “99% of them get stuck.

Meek Mill has not released much songs this year. The last song he dropped was Early Mornings and he announced Flamerz 5. 2019 was the year where Meek Mill had lot features. You can check it out.