Meek Mill Roc Nation deal

Meek Mill Shares Reason He Leave Roc Nation: Take A Risk and Grow

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Meek Mill is well known as one of the full body of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record. But Philly has taken his way after his deal with the record elapsed. Meek Mill Roc Nation deal is done and dusted.

But the way he parted away has left interesting fans wondering if Meek Mill has beef with Jay-Z which might be unbeknownst to the public. However, that’s not true because this is a deal which came into inception in 2019. Thanks to My Soul rapper who stepped forward and addressed what’s likely to be untrue as regards his business with hov.

Meek Mill Roc Nation deal has been completed and the rapper is ready to move on with his record label Dreamcheaser. His Dreamcheaser linked up with Roc Nation record just for a major purpose. According to what Meek Mill said, he noted that he has business he is handling and after partnering with Jay-Z’s record label he has to take a risk and grow.

The only thing you need to understand here is that Meek Mill Roc Notion deal has ended as a matter of agreement with Jay-Z. However, other businesses with business dealings with Roc Nation remain intact. Meek Mill shared the reason on his Twitter account which you can see below.

Meek Mill and Jay-Z have always been good fellows to each other. Jay-Z has helped Meek Mill grow his career even to the time he was facing serious probation with federal authorities. His part away from Roc Nation has nothing to do with his relationship with Jay-Z. In response to that, Meek Mill also referenced his issue with Atlanta Record.

Below, he cleared that Roc Nation is his family and urges everyone not to mix the previous post he made about Atlanta Record with his Roc Nation. Meek Mill is a loyal rapper who always has Jay-Z on his GOAT list which featured both Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and more.

Meek Mill response to Roc Nation deal

In other news, Meek Mill has not released an album or songs since this year. Though we have compiled his 2022 songs which featured the most recent hits from Meek Mill. You can also check it while we wait for his next move. You can listen to What’s Free featuring Jay-Z and Rick Ross below.