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Lil Baby New Songs of 2022 – Listen

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Lil Baby’s new songs of 2022 are what you should be listening to right now. While we are yet to receive his new album, Amahiphop has compiled his 2022 songs and you all will be streaming it on this page. Meanwhile, if still want to check his 2021 songs you chack visit this where you can be listen to his song for last year. Below are Lil Baby new songs he has released or featured on.

Please note that some of the songs of Lil Baby 2022 that you are about to stream below might also come in videos.

In A Minute

In A Minute is a song by Lil Bay that he released after a few collaborations with Nicki Minaj. It is a solo song with no feature and also one of the first two songs he shared at a spot.

Right On

Here is the second song from Lil Baby. It came in a video and was released the same day with In A Minute. In A Minute and Right On are the first two music videos Lil Baby released earlier this month. Sure, we are expecting these two songs to appear on his next album else it’s it will be standalone single.

Do We Have A Problem

Same this year Nicki Minaj teased us that she is working on new album. Fans have waited so long even to date but there is now new album from Nicki. She finally made an appearance not only by drop a Lil Baby collaboration but also share the music video of Do We Have A Problem with Lil Baby.


Lil Baby and Nicki Minaj worked together and have brought these two songs Do We Have A Problem and Bussin which we will always remember about. If you haven’t streamed Nicki Minaj’s 2022 songs then check it here to see all her new songs 2022. Lil Baby was also featured on the compilation just Nicki Minaj on Lil Baby’s 2022 songs. Bussin featured Lil Baby but has no video yet.


Ed Sheeran and Lil Bay have done it again although for the first time. They linked up together for new song 2step in favour of Ukraine. The song is a second version while the first version of 2step on Ed Sheeran equal = album. According to report, Ed is grateful to have filmed 2step music video in Ukraine and pledges YouTube royalties.

East Point Prayer

Another song Lil Baby joined is East Pont Prayer. Vince Staples link up with Lil Baby on this one. This song came as a surprise although fans were just happy to see both kill the beat altogether. You can stream the song here.


This is the third song from Lil Baby. Frozen come after his two last song that he released same this month and you can check it out above. Lil Baby has not tell us what is behind all these latest singles. Could he be working on new album?


Like Me is one of the songs on Futures New album I NEVER LIKED YOU. This album featured Lil Baby which has been added as part of Lil Baby’s 2022 songs. You can stream the song below.

Dark Mode

This is another song Lil Baby shared in May. It’s a collaboration in Beats by Dre Ad Starring Ja Morant The song also featured NBA All-Star Jamorant

As for now, these are the updated Lil Baby New songs of 2022 so far. You also check back on this page for more songs as the page will continue to get updated as soon as there is a new song from Baby.