Drake is Warning Anybody Beefing against his Brother 21 Savage while on Tour

Drake is Warning Anybody Beefing against his Brother 21 Savage while on Tour

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Maybe it has been a long time since we heard Drake throwing shots at contemporary rappers. Though from what we have gathered lately, Drake still got this dissing vibes to unleash but this time at anyone who is beef with 21 Savage.

This is the power of HER LOSS joint album which was released back in 2022. The project was a potential bond to these Rich Flex rappers. They are now like brothers indeed.

Drake’s warning came after he acknowledged some rappers or artists have got beef with his co-rapper but don’t tolerate that since both are still on their tour. Sure, Drake and 21 Savage’s HER LOSS tour has not ended.

However, Drake’s recent post which surfaced a few days ago was speaking as a spokesman for 21 Savage. Below is a post from Nojumper’s Instagram confirming Drake’s warning against anyone beefing 21 Savage.

If anyone got beef with 21 Savage, this is how I’m coming” reads from Drake’s Instagram story as reshared by Nojumper.


So that was it. Drake and 21 Savage joint project has experienced a scale-up success and continue to maintain good accolades to date. The “It’s All a Blur Tour” is the uppermost for Drake and 21 Savage right now.

There has been no proceeding project that has come respectively from these hip-hop rhymers. Nevertheless, Drake confirmed new album title with its plan. You might want to check it out.

While the album in question has no release date yet, “It’s All a But Tour” will then continue. Vulture has also confirmed the reason behind the delay of Drake 21 Savage Tour. Not because of beef but revealed some little health problems of H.E.R DJ.

“Drake’s representatives at OVO Sound stated that the reason behind the tour delay is due to singer H.E.R.’s official DJ — and It’s All A Blur tour DJ, DJ Prince, having health complications with cancer,” Noted by Vulture.

Drake’s tour with 21 Savage is what nobody close by will like to miss. The tour list is a guideline for you to catch up irrespective of the current delay.

Drake’s 2023 compilation has seen some new songs as the rapper works on his new album. Checking out his 2023 songs and features might not show him as one of the most featured rappers so far but Drake has been proactive.

In other words, you can visit 21 Savage new 2023 songs and features. He has gotten more features this year just like last. His most recent collaborations came from Burna Boy and Young Thug’s new album Business Is Business.