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Kendrick Lamar Has Announced Release Date of His Music Film with South Park Creators

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The live-action comedy starring Kendrick Lamar and his pgLang partner Dave Free, which features Trey Parker and Matt Stone as the creators of South Park , will be released in theatres next summer.

According to a Variety story published on Thursday, April 11, the film will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and hit theatres on July 4, 2025. Since the story just discusses the production aspect for the time being, it is unclear if Kendrick will also feature in the movie.

More information was provided by a Discussing Film article, which stated that the tale would centre around “a young Black man interning as a slave reenactor at a living history museum who discovers that his white girlfriend’s ancestors once owned his.” It would also be a musical.

In terms of music, Joe Budden claims that Kendrick Lamar and Drake are now writing nuclear diss tracks in response to their continuing conflict.

In the most recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which was released on Wednesday, April 10, the media personality introduced the developing rivalry.

He said, “Get out of the way.” “This isn’t that, whatever little rappy garbage you thought was going on. And there will be something soon. J. Cole probably learned that from Drake, Kendrick, or both. And since we were no longer in the first round, it was time to withdraw.

Kendrick has earned himself a farewell with Cole’s apologies, he said, but “I believe insiders know—in fact, I have solid information that both sides entered the booth and exited.” I’m hearing that it’s nuclear on both sides. It’s ascending. I want to come in here and declare that the time for speculation is gone because I’m hearing this from folks who can rap. The time for debate is over.