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J. Cole regrets the Kendrick Lamar song “Diss,” “I will remove if from streaming

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During his performance at Dreamville Festival, J. Cole openly apologised to Kendrick Lamar for making fun of him on “7 Minute Drill.”

Cole expressed sorry for publishing the song and took back the lyrics regarding his longtime pal from the unexpected release last week.

“Aside from one aspect, I’m extremely proud of [Might Delete Later]. That’s the one aspect of that that makes me think, “Man, that’s the lamest shit I did in my fuckin’ life,” don’t you think? And I understand that this isn’t what many people want to hear,” he addressed the assembly on Sunday night (April 7) during his main event.

I felt torn since, for starters, I am aware of my feelings towards my peers and my heart. I’m fortunate enough to be able to play with these two amazing players, let alone strive for their brilliance. I was therefore torn because, really, I don’t really feel that way. However, everyone wants to see blood. I’m not sure if you can sense it, but people want to see blood.

Cole continued praising Kendrick, saying, “That shit keeps me from being at ease. I want to ask you this: How many people believe that Kendrick Lamar is one of the best motherfuckers to have ever picked up a microphone? I want to ask you this right now, while I’m trying to find a way to minimise this n-gga’s greatness and his fucking catalogue. Dreamville, I take it you guys adore Kendrick Lamar? I concur as well.

He went on, “I just wanna come up here and say in public, bruh, that was the silliest, goofiest thing ever.” All of that to say, it reminded me of a decade ago, when I was moving improperly. And I ask God to put me back on track with my goals and my course. I hope my n-gga didn’t really feel anything at all, and if he did, I’d like to get my chin out. Give it your all. Boy, I’m gon’ take that sh*t on the chin. Carry out your actions.

Everything is well. It’s affection. And I hope that you would all pardon an n-gga for the error so that I can return to my genuine path. I won’t lie to you; the last two days have been excruciating. It informed me of how well I had been sleeping for the last ten years.

The diss tune is still accessible on Spotify and Apple Music as of this writing, despite the Dreamville CEO’s announcement that he will remove it from streaming providers.