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Kanye West 2022 Songs and Features

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Kanye West have under some critical moments since this year but it never stops him from getting good collaborations. On your page, your will be able to know all Kanye West 2022 songs and features. However, since his Donda 2 livestream, he has not shared any new album but has gotten more featured songs which are below.

Kanye West 2022 Songs Features

  • City Girls God
  • Keep It Burnin
  • True Love
  • Daylight
  • Shit

City Girls God

One of the best-featured songs of Kanye West in 2022 is City Girls God. This song came from Fivio Foreign and also featured Alicia Keys. If you to listen to the song then check out Fivio’s new album B.I.B.L.E.

Keep It Burnin

Kanye West might have only a few featured songs so far or in 2022 entirely, but YE is a big artist and rapper who likely get featured on top-notch albums. Same this year Future’s “I Never Liked You” featured Kanye West on a song Keep It Burnin.

True Love

True Love is a song from XXXTentacion LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM. It was released months back. XXXTentacion are good friends when the late XXXTen was still alive. But his posthumous album continue to keep his name. XXXTen. Documentary came through this with a song that featured Kanye West. It is called True Love.


Kanye West is one of these big rappers we have compiled their 2022 featured songs. The above songs are not the only song that featured Kanye West. Vory released new album Lost Soul and the album featured Knaye Wst on a song Daylight.


Cardi B had to bring Kanye West and Lil Durk on a song titled Shit. This is the first time Cardi is featuring Kanye West and Lil Dirk together. The song has been assigned to any album from Cardi B because Cardi is practically working on new album. Meanwhile, it’s either you the song on her upcoming album or it reminds a standalone song.

Kanye West has been facing some sort of up and down but has always been in a position to assist with collaboration coming his way. The above are Kanye West 2022s and features. This page might get updated sometime this year.