Gangsta Boo Dead At 43

Gangsta Boo Dead At 43

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This is very sad news for her family and friends who is currently on grify. Gangsta Boo Dead at 43, the first hip-hop female who died at the beginning of 2023. The Gangsta Boo lost her in her own house at the age of 45.

This year didn’t favour her fans and loved ones have been left in pain over her death. Report has shown that the Gangsta who reside in Memphis who found dead yesterday on been first of January 2022. It was in the afternoon around 4 PM.

Gangsta Boo whose real name is born Lola Mitchell, according to related other hip-hop outlet notated that the rapper’s death was a tragic one. Of course body will always want to die in pain but Boo’s death has been described that she doesn’t worth it at this moment.

How the internet where album to know she is dead was when one of the Three Six Mafia members, DJ Paul to be precise. He announced the death of Gangsta Boo with a tribute caption that got fans emotional. Below you can see Juicy J’s Instagram post.

Cause of her death, well we don’t get the full story as everything about death has been on a low. However, it has been pre-revealed that Gangsta Boo died because of drug-related insisting narcotics were found on her person and that a fentanyl-laced substance is believed to be at play.

Just like other female rappers like Nicki Minaj, SZA, Cardi B and others as well-known in their record labels, Gangsta Boo also got her ground on Three Six Mafia. She joined back in 1995 and other popular members include Juicy J, DJ Paul and more.

Boo played a huge role in the group. At least she contributed to the group’s early success with their first five albums. One of her debut albums is called “Enquiring Minds” which she dropped in 1998. In 2002 she released “Both Worlds *69” album while followed-up by her 2003 album “Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera”.

Gangsta Boo dead At 43, and hip-hop is mourning for her right now.