Fans Thinks JUICY J Admits Three 6 Is One Of The Most Influential Not Best

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Juicy J might’ve caught pretty attentions to Three 6 rap group. He added some salt to make the American hip hop group from Memphis, Tennessee formed in 1991, maintains it recognition despite surrounded with much hip-hop group you know earlier.

Three 6 Mafia, a rap group that got best of its moment with three people which includes DJ Paul, Juicy J and Lord Infamous and later welcomed top members Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo and Crunchy Black making Six.

It’s a group traceable through the 90’s and has gotten reputation which Juicy J can’t afford to pay the best tribute a rap group he co-own.

Juicy took Instagram probably reminding about his famous group. He shared on Gram by asking “Who the best group ever did it ? THREE6 ……..The hustle continues,” he wrote as the caption. He added the awareness to his The Hustle Continues, a standalone album.

However, that was actually his own deepest opinion sticking harder although not most supports from folks who have been this bystander watching listening different headquarters of rap group unleash what they got for the hip community.

On what Amahiphop cross-examined after Juicy J’s respect, there’re fans contesting in favour of some other traditional hip-hop group. Though Three 6 Mafia, most minds believed there’s other mitigating factors that are not being taken into account to make the group the best of best.

Three 6 Mafia is one of the influential group in the rap game. It’s not the best but one of the very important and influential.

Ranking Three 6 Mafia then some contestants are giving it top 10.

3 6 Mafia would have come together earlier this year just after announcing tour dates back in February, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, all live shows were canceled. There was even talk of an album, but it’s unclear if that’ll come to fruition.