Freddie Gibbs Rap Up Uncle Murda

Freddie Gibbs Responds Uncle Murda “Rap Up 2022”

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Freddie Gibbs Responds To Uncle Murda Rap Up 2022 song. The Uncle Murda Rap Up 2022 was released a few days ago, on January 1st to be precise. You can listen to the diss track which had some rappers’ names called. Obviously, Murda doesn’t care about who will come after him via diss track. So, far were expecting a response either from Drake, but didn’t have anything to offer right. Young Thug, Jay-Z, Kanye West and more were all attacked by Uncle Murda’s 2022 Rap Up.

But Uncle Murda is not yet free because fellow rappers might come for him. So far, Freddie Gibbs is not having it with Murda he is the latest rapper who is responding to Rap Up 2022 release from Leonard Grant better Known as Uncle Murda. Sure Gibbs was also affected by Murda’s latest rap bars.

So, who is the rapper responding to Rap Up 2022? Well, Freddie Gibbs has informed the yearly controversial rapper Murda on Twitter that “He be friendly as a box of puppies every time I see him,” Gibbs responding to Uncle Murda. If you have listened carefully to that Rap Up 2022 random diss track, then you will Uncle M called out Gibbs over his getting robbed and beat up in Buffalo. 

Freddie Gibbs  Respond to Uncle Murda on Rap Up
Freddie Gibbs  Respond to Uncle Murda on Rap Up 2022

Back in May 2022, Freddie Gibbs was allegedly assaulted and robbed during a tour stop in Buffalo. That’s where Uncle Murda picked his shot from. Remember Rap-Up is a collection of rappers and Uncle Murda believes they deserve dragged out which normally does every year. Below you can check out what he was rapping about Gibbs.

“Let’s talk about Freddie Gibbs, like really what’s up with him? / Ni**as robbed him in Buffalo and he got beat up again / He be out here looking like a cold-blooded sucker,” he rapped on the 15-minute track.

Do you still want to listen to the disa track of Rap Up 2022, listen to it below and hear other rappers he called out. Tory Lanez, Megan There Stallion, 50 Cent and more collect shots from Uncle Murda.

In May 2022, Uncle Murda apologised to Will Smith for dissing Jada in 2021 Rap Up song. “Somebody let @willsmith know I’m sorry for what I said in the Rap Up dam it’s looking like I can’t retire the Rap Up.” Will he apologise to any other rapper or celebrity this year?