50 Cent’s ‘bmf’ Season 2 Releases Date
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Are you ready ahead of 50 Cent’s BMF season 2. It will definitely be another moment for the bigger watch. BMF Season 2 is nothing but closer than how you wait for it. Below you will watch short action video released along.

A lot of people were expecting 50 Cent’s STARZ series BMF to hit this year? Well, the fact is that you can’t even get to this season we are about to celebrate Christmas. But the good news is that BMF season 2 will be fully made available by next spring, January 6 to be precise.

Other important things you should note down is that 50 cent’s BMF Season 2 is only coming on STARZ app. Except it in midnight and airing on the cable network at 8:00 p.m. EST.

BMF Season 2 at least has what it takes to attract more viewers especially if you enjoy watching the series. It will be showing the rise of the Flenory brothers — Big Meech and Southwest Tee — as they begin expanding their empire beyond Detroit, with their sights set on global domination.

While Deadline has more details about the incoming BFM 2023, below you can also watch the trailer. This will simply get your time waiting over January Friday 6.


Back in 2021 August, 50 Cent brought Snoop Dogg and Eminem into the BMF. Snoop Dogg who remains the major pastor will continue to play the role in the season 2. It’s amazing because there are more action you haven’t seen until next year.

On Oct. 17th, BMF Twitter account announced the release date. They stated it as January 2023 without an exact day. But now it is on January Friday 3. According to 50 Cent it’s coming as a new year gift to viewers.

This year’s September made it 1year the BMF series was premier. It became more popular after breaking record like, earning the No. 1 premiere on the network’s app across all of its programs in 2021.

The show’s popularity also led to STARZ greenlighting The BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast two months later. Executive produced by 50 Cent, the doc — which is currently airing — is a companion piece to the  hit-series, which was originally touted to be an eight-episode docu-series when it was announced.