Drake Teases New Collaboration with Yeat in NOCTA Glide Trailer

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The Toronto Canadian rapper “Drake” has teased new single collaboration  with Yeat in a NOCTA Glide  promotional campaign that they released  this weekend.

The rapper took to his instagram page on Wednesday (September 13), to share the update about the upcoming  collaboration with Yeat which he attached  on a promotional  trailer of the NOCTA Glide promotional campaign.

“NOCTA GLIDE 2023, Available tonight on nocta.com/ Music by Twizz and The Boy/ Directed by Mahfuz Sultan” Drake wrote  onthe instagram video he posted.

Meanwhile, it Is not really  clear if the song is actually  going  to be among his upcoming  album  “For All the Dogs,” But his collaboration  with Yeat is the only obvious  information following the trailer that he released  on the instagram page.

But following  some reporters, the collaboration  might be just  for the NOCTA Glide promotional campaign  and there might be nothing  more to it, which means  that the both artists  might just be doing  a promotion  job for the business organisation.


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But futher information  has revealed that Drake and SZA are about to hit the studio  together  for the first  time in history, the information circulatedd after Drake shared an art cover of the  project  on his instagram account.

Meanwhile, after he posted this art work on his instagram, the female American Rapper “SZA” also made the same post of the art cover for the song on her Instagram account too.

The fans of these two artists  have already started  anticipation  for the song as they really have no idea of what it’s going  to sound like following  the fact that it’s the first time the two artists  are hitting  the studio  together.

Although, non of the two artists  has revealed any date for the releasing  of the song which fans have started anticipating already.