Drake Reveals he spent $10 Million for Diamond Chain
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Rappers are more likely to buy diamond Chains. It’s one of their recognition sometimes. Drake is one of them who loves spending more on chains.

Diamond chains could be expensive more than you even think but rappers like Drake are ready to ride off any chain’s price by paying them.

Drake is a jewellery lover, he has previously shared the one he bought from Pharrell which cost him about $2.5 MILLION. He wore it on his Jumbotron Shit Poppin music video.

Drake has so many glittering Diamond chains, engagement rings, Jewellery and so on. Recently he was interviewed by an Instagram influencer whose name is Chris Smoove.

He caught Drake on a new expensive drip. Drake gave him attention, allowing him to ask how much his chains, jacket, shoe, and watch cost. Drake’s response was wow and huge though.

“Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say, probably like nine, over 10 M’s (million) for sure,” he stated, much to Chris’ shock and awe.

Drake and Chris Smoove had a good conversation during the interview. HER LOSS co-rapper is well-known as a rapper who spends money also on chains. You can watch the interview below.

Just last month Drake was reportedly spending about $75,000 on HOTEL ahead of his Apollo shows. Drake