DaBaby Threw-Up After Drinking Alcohol, Says He Quits Drinking

DaBaby Threw-Up After Drinking Alcohol, Says He Quits Drinking

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DaBaby threw-up after drinking alcohol. Also he has made a significant announcement, which revealed his decision to cease consuming alcohol.

Furthermore, He stated that this embarrassing incident actually unfolded in front of his daughter while he was under the influence.

The rapper, who is widely known for hits like “Shake Sumn”, took to Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 3).

Although, This was done in order to candidly share the circumstances which eventually lead to his resolution to bid farewell to alcohol.

In a video posted by him on his Instagram account, DaBaby declared…

“I don’t drink no more”.

More to this, He also emphasized his newfound commitment, by warning against any attempts to offer him bottles or shots.

Additionally, He even went a step further and issued a physical threat to those who might insist on getting him to drink. Stating…

“You offer me a drink from this point forward, I’m stealing the f**k out. It’s as simple as that. We gonna get to hitting immediately”.

Moreover, The rapper recounted a specific incident that acted as a catalyst for this decision.

Recalling a night where he downed a lot of shots, DaBaby further revealed the aftermath, by sharing…

“I’m on bedrest. You offer me a drink from this point forward, I’m stealing off sober”.

In addition. It was also revealed that DaBaby threw-up after drinking. As he described the embarrassing scene in his luxury vehicle and found himself partially undressed upon exiting.

The most distressing aspect for DaBaby was that his young daughter was witness to this incident, expressing…

I’m fighting for my life in that back seat, and my baby talking about “Good job’, Man, it’s embarrassing, in front of my baby. I don’t drink no more”.

However, DaBaby didn’t hold back when reiterating his commitment to sobriety, sternly warning anyone who might question it.

“I dare you. I’m going to be outside tonight, offer me a drink. If you want to fight, offer me a drink. I don’t give a f**k who it is, I don’t. I don’t give a damn who it is”.


In conclusion, This public revelation showcases DaBaby‘s determination to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Especially as he chooses to prioritize his well-being and preserving a positive image in front of his daughter.