Dababy Came To A Truce with His Ex For Their Daugther's Birthday

Dababy Came To A Truce with His Ex For Their Daugther’s Birthday

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DaBaby came to a truce with Danileigh on their daughter’s birthday. On Friday, August 11, their daughter Valour became two years of age, and the couple celebrated with a luau-themed party the next day.

The unstable pair became a couple for only a few months before they broke up in 2021. During that time, rumours of Danileigh being pregnant surfaced not long after the seperation.

Danileigh decided to go public when a family member shared a photo of her. In the photo, she appeared to be looking pregnant, after which she confirmed it to be true.

In a video posted by DaBaby on his Instagram Live, Danileigh was feeding their new born baby. Together, they were both using some fowl words against each other. He called her “cuckoo”, while she called him a “fucking coward”.

Later on, Baby made a post on his Instagram Story, stating why he made the video. He explained that he was trying to protect his safety and reputation due to Danileigh making multiple threats at him, while refusing to let him go.

He also said that she has beaten and yelled at him, although he has no intentions of pressing charges against her. Instead, he asked the police to move her out of his house peacefully.

In 2022, Danileigh spoke about her toxic relationship with DaBaby on her single “Dead To Me”. She was also interviewed by Angie Martinez where they both disscussed he ex kicking her and their daughter out.

According to DaBaby, in an Instagram Story he posted…

“I feel like you should tell them, folks, the real reason why I put you out. It’s cause you were stalking my other baby mama. And that shit was affecting you and the relationship with my Princess, my big girl”.

Despite their relationship not being smooth in the past, Danileigh and DaBaby came to a truce for the sake of his daughter’s second birthday.