City Girls Good Love

City Girls ‘Good Love’ Feat. Usher: Watch

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City Girls are back with a new song accompanied by its official video. City Girls Good Love is the first music video they have shared since this? The song featured Usher who assisted both on the audio and video aspect. While Usher isn’t an artist who has been getting a bit of notoriety this year so far, he has decided to accept a collaboration with JT and Yung Miami.

City Girls Good Love, though the song has been on a notable awareness because the Girls teased it during an interview with Hot97 radio station in New Jersey. They also shared some previews of the music video. Yet again the official is out featuring one of the traditional best R&B singers, Usher.

Watching the Good Love video below, well it’s just a cool and uptempo song. Remember this particular song followed up City Girl’s last single Top Notch. The Top Notch by CG was released back in April 2022. It also served its video which you can watch below as well.

City Girls Good Love Music Video

City Girls Top-Notch Featuring Fivio Foreign

As you can see from the two videos above, they featured two different artists. Usher just got featured on Good Love while Fivio Foreign was featured on Top Notch. City Girls has been grinding with major artists since this year. They also appeared on top female rap songs for 2022 so far. You can check that here.

Another song you should expect is City Girls featuring Nicki Minaj. Sure CG, they might join Nicki Minaj’s 2022 songs list which also featured Lil Baby and Fivio Foreign.

Earlier this year, City Girls CG confirmed that they have no issue with Nicki Minaj after it was rumoured there is a beef between them but not true though. However, JT who once made an awful comment about Nicki Minaj made has backtracked positively. Nicki wanted to work with them in the earlier stage. But we hope the collaboration will someday happen. Watch the interview below.