City Girls Have Reunite With Nicki Minaj: Readies New Collab.

City Girls Have Reunite With Nicki Minaj: Readies New Collab.

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It’s no longer that secret Nicki Minaj and the City Girls have something that we could call feud. While Nicki Minaj Joined Jessy Nelson on Bad Boyz song last year, just after Nelson went on her solo career, her situation with her formal group got some backlash from her fellow group member.

The differences affect Nicki Minaj who try to give her full back-up to Nelson. However, JT and Yung Miami members of the group have been outside Nicki’s support. JT also confirmed that she doesn’t like Nicki following her collaboration with Nelson.

“feel she run sh*t h** please I want Cardi to take completely over push that b*tch to the back. Nicki is overly happy on IG Beyoncé not saying anything, chill out girl. the song is good tho but calm down!”

Meanwhile, Nicki had an interview where she disclosed that she wanted to work with City Girls. But she changed her mind about the awful comments from JT. Nicki Minaj also backtrack on different opinions although she believed that she can still work with them despite the sudden beef there was taken too far from JT.

It appears that after the above video interview, Nicki, JT and Yung Miami have spoken and all is well now! Perhaps we might get that collaboration after all. Their recent tweet has proven there’s no long beef rather fans should expect new collaboration.