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Lil Baby Songs 2022 and Features

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Lil Baby 2022 Featured Songs

Since this year Lil Baby has been working hard assisting related rappers and singers. Lil Baby songs 2022 and features are what his fans are streaming currently while they wait for the new album. Although Lil Baby has shared a few of his songs of 2022 but below are Lil baby featured songs from peers in the industry. We also added his latest singles for 2022.

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Lil Baby 2022 Featured songs

  • The World Is Yours To Take
  • Staying Alive
  • Never Sleep
  • All Dz Chainz
  • Addicted
  • Do We Have A Problem
  • Bussin
  • 2Step
  • Like
  • Voodoo

The World Is Yours To Take

The World Is Yours To Take is not song from Lil Baby upcoming album. However, we have added it also part of his 2022 features songs since it’s a track for Official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. It’s a Soundtrack and in campaign content from Budweiser, the official beer of the FIFA World Cup. 

Staying Alive

Lil Baby is one of the hip-hop rappers who has gotten more featured songs since this year. His collaboration with DJ Khaled on Staying Alive which also Drake worth listening to as well as watching. Staying Alive will appear on DJ Khaled God Did album, same this month.

Never Sleep

Never Sleep is a new song from Nav who is also readying a new album called Demons Protected By Angels. The album might get released this year since he has started dropping new songs. Today he featured Lil Baby and Travis Scott on Never Sleep.

All Dz Chainz

Gucci Mane is making sure he gets Lil Durk and Lil Baby on different songs this year. Now having featured Lil Durk on Rumours just earlier this year, Gucci is back for Lil Baby. They have released a new song titled All Dz Chainz. This is a song that also featured Lil Baby this year 2022.


Chris Brown released his new album BREEZY featuring a lot of artists. Lil Baby was featured on the track called Addicted. Meanwhile, Chris Brown also gave Lil Baby a chance to work with him which they did.

Do We Have A Problem

The first thing Nicki Minaj did this year was to make she get on Lil Baby with a song. Nicki was the first female artist well first artist who collab with Lil with double songs. Do We Have A Problem is their first time link up.


Bussin came in after Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby joined forces on Do We Have A Problem. It is the second song, Nicki released in 2022. Bussin is also of the songs expected to appear on Nicki’s upcoming album. Meanwhile, this particular song is also Lil Baby featured song in 2022. You can also check We Go Up, another song from Nicki Minaj 2022 songs.


Ed Sheeran didn’t hesitate, he linked with Lil Baby for the 2Step song. It’s a remix song though also paying tribute to Ukraine over the ongoing fight with Russia. 2Step first version is on Ed Sheeran = album which was released back in 2021. The album is Ed’s Fifth studio body of work. Watch 2Step video.


Future’s I NEVER LIKED YOU is an album that welcomed notable guest appearances like Kanye West, Drake, Tems and more. The Atlanta resident rapper later released the deluxe edition of the album featuring Lil Baby, Lil Durk and more. Lil Baby was featured on Like.


Lil Baby is simply a 2022 fixture and has gotten a slew of collaborations so far this. Having linked up Future on Like, recently he joined Indian rapper Badshah and J. Balvin on new song titled Voodoo. Voodoo is accompanied by its official video and you can watch with below.

Check back for more Lil Baby 2022 featured songs. This page is being updated.

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