Chris Brown Assault

Chris Brown to Face Court Charges Over London Assault.

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The rapper “Chris brown” has currently been sued over a London assault that allegedly left a man in a critical condition thay got him hospitalised.

The court sue actually came from a record label executive “One God Records exec Abraham Diaw” who happened  to be the victim of the assault, according  to his court statement, he narrated  how Chris Brown beat him with a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila.

The incident actually  happened at the Tape nightclub in February which left him with a very severe injury thay got him hospitalised, according this narrations, the repeated blows that he got from the rapper that night left him unconscious and after that incident, he had to be hospitalised.

Many were really  asking why it took him this long before suing him since the incident happened on February, but he still stated that Chris Brown  has not been in London since then and he was hospitalised due to the injuries je got from the Assault.

Following, his further statements, Abraham Diaw and Chris Brown have been friends for so long as he stated that he thought thay Chris Brown was actually  coming  to dap him up before he struck him with the bottle.

According to him, the police already have some video clips from the incident that may serve as evidence  in the, although, the actual number of damages the man is suing  Chris Brown for has has not been disclosed due to the injuries and emotional distresses that made him passd through.

“A row broke out with a guy and Brown’s crowd and the man was hit over the head with a bottle, He tried to get up off the ground to escape but he was surrounded and then punched and kicked before security broke it up.” By a witness.