Chris Brown Shares New Song “Summer Too Hot” Listen

Chris Brown Reveals 2023 Album 11:11 and Plans

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It’s a Breezy moment and Breezy fans have been wondering if Chris Brown will announce a brand-new album. Of course, Chris Brown has stepped forward to reveal 11:11 is part of his 2022 project.

But you all should recall that Chris Brown is also as fresh with his most recent past album which was BREEZY. BREEZY was released last yet again has more songs to unpack

Having said that, 11:11, according to Chris Brown’s Instagram post is a new album dropping sometime this year, November to be precise. He received the album title with three sirens emoji accompanied with a caption like “(POSSIBLS) ALBUM Release date: 11:11.

Chris Brown also noted the album will be his 14th studio album and will come with only 11 tracks. In fact Chris Brown is balancing everything with 11:11. The album is dropping on Nov. which is the 11 of 2023.

Chris Brown’s 2023 album has become one of these anticipated projects of 2023 which includes Nicki Minaj’s new album, DJ Khaled’s new album, Drake Drakes’s new album and more that will drop on or after 2023.

2023 will be another year where a lot of artists share new albums and more. However, Aswehiphop has also compiled more artists 2203 songs and features which include Chris Brown’s 2023 songs and features.

So, Chris Brown’s new album is on the way and will likely compete with any album along. we are not sure about the features of the album. Chris Brown’s 11:11 might be a full solo album without any features else we wait for the singer to reveal features from the album. Maybe we will see that anytime he shares the tracklist.

To see more of Chris Brown’s 2023 songs, we advise you to check out his 2023 compilation from Aswehiphop. It’s a list of features and singles from the singer in 2023 so far.