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Check out Justin Timberlake New Song Video “Selfish”

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Singer “Justin Timberlake” has not really been so active in his misic career for some times now which actually got so many of his fans worried about him, but he has once again put smiles on their faces with his “Selfish” music video.

Actually, a lot of people  was thinking that Justin Timberlake has quited music following  the fact that he lest the screen for more than five years, only for him to return with the new song on Thursday morning (Jan. 25) amd also a music  video for the some where he actually bowed to his audience before beginning the song.


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Moreover, fans have confirmed that he still got his music talent following  his ability to still deliver something  that sound really good amd interesting  after staying off the mick for up to five years, the “Selfish” Lyrics has actually gotten a lot of fans to shower hm with much praises.

“If they saw what I saw/ They would fall the way I fell/ They don’t know what you want/ And, baby I would never tell, Cause Your lips were made for mine/ And my heart would go flatline/ If it wasn’t beating for you all the time.” He sings.

Justin Timberlake new song “Selfish” is actually  a love song which the pop artist prepared in way that it will melt every heart that is in love or wanting  to fell in love with someone, moreover, it talked more of some values someone can actually see in his spouse.

This is actually  a very good Jam for the return of the pop artist after five years, meanwhile, a lot of fans in the comment  section are already  asking him to drop more songs “This is what we are taking about” a fan wrote.