Lil Wayne And Drake

Lil Wayne Tells Richard Sherman Reasons Why Drake is Hated

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While some rappers in the hip hop industry are busy beefing each other, Lil Wayne and Drake are busy building  us their friendship so stronger and stronger every day and many people have starting admiring the kind of relationship the two rappers are keeping, Richard Sherman also admires.

Meanwhile, one of tbe reasons why Lil Wayne and Drake friendship  has become so string over the year could be because of the fact that the two rapper saw that being the best at what they do, they can actually do better when they are together in the industry.

Lil Wayne is actually  the person that gave Drake his biggest platforms  afyer he discovered him and brought  him to his Young Money Gangs in the past years, and since then, the two rapper have been working  so closely with one another, this is why Lil Wayne can knows more about the Toronto rapper.

During lil Wayne’s recent talk show with Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman being the host really asked Lil Wayne about so manynthings which they talked about, moreover, the very important part of the interview was when Richard Sherman started praising Lil Wayne  for the impact he has made in there hip hop music industry in terms of raising talents.

One of the notable talents that Lil Wayne brought  to the line light happens to be Drake during  the erra of Young Money gangs, in the interview, Richard Sherman asked Lil Wayne so many questions which include why some people are hating Drake.

According Lil Wayne during  his relpy to that question, he replied that it’s because Drake has a light skin “That’s just American history. How I know is, because I’m not light-skinned. I hated on all light-skinned dudes in school. So yeah, it’s American history, man.” He said