50 Cent weight loss

50 Cent Narrate How he Lost 40 Pounds Weight

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The rapper 50 Cent recently sparked a Lost reactions online following the viral picture of him looking very slim following his weight loss that got a lot of people surprised.

Meanwhile, the rapper has found it necessary  to narrate how everything actually happen just to kell some curiosities in the mind of his fans who his recent transformation is still unbelievable to as they want to know how he was able to lose such weight.

So, the rapper, 50 Cent has made an instagram post narrating  how he was able to lose such weight,  according to him, he has been doing some workouts lately as he was visiting  the gym very often than before just keep fit and healthy.

“They wanna talk about weight loss, I was in the gym, I was working the f**k out. I was running. I was doing what I had to do. You seen me on tour running around. I was 253 pounds. I came down. I’m 210 right now. So how you feel about it. Tell me how you feel about it later.” 50 Cent said in his recent instagram post.

Moreover, at first fans were really thinking if the rapper was sick because the weight loss was so evident  that every of his fans can easily noticed, so many people  made some comment  that got many people’s attention into checking out the current pictures that the rapper posted on his instagram handle.

“Why 50 cent loose weight like that I hope he’s good” a fan wrote on twitter, and another fan also commented saying “50 cents lost weight and everyone is roasting him on the comment section of his insta. ‘From 50 cent to a quarter.”


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But, the rapper has confirmed  the actual cause of his weight loss as it wasn’t sickness.