Cassidy Details Difference Between Drake and Kendrick Lamar Rap

Cassidy Details Difference Between Drake and Kendrick Lamar Rap

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Cassidy is now being the rapper who can detail the difference between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Normally every hip-hop rapper has his or her style of rap. Even Cassidy is aware of his rap but still can tell how Drake sounds at the same time differentiate it from Kendrick Lamar.

Sometimes an interview is where you can mostly hear more of something. Cassidy recently had his appearance with VladTV. During this interview, he was asked a few questions and Drake and Kendrick Lamar were part of his questions.

Cassidy wants you to know that Drake has different styles of rap. The way he raps on God’s Plan was different from Staying Alive. Cass moved on to say he doesn’t know where Drake used to get his rap style. Of course, he was trying to compliment Drake on being so versatile.

“Well, Drake — he got a lot of styles,” Cassidy began. “Drake — through different times, he used so many different styles. I don’t know where he be getting all these different styles from, or who be responsible for the styles, or who be coming up with the styles. But he got a lot of different styles though.”

He continued: “Sometimes, you know, I might hear Drake rhyme one syllable. And then, sometimes, I might hear Drake come on the verse and rhyme four, five syllables, and piece it up, clean. So he do all different type of shit, you know what I’m saying?” (DX)

The Wednesday interview was very interesting. He was able to dig out what Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rap looks like, respectively. Below is what Cassidy said about Kendrick Lamar styles.

“With Kendrick, I don’t know that style completely, but I feel like everybody make a mistake,” he said. “And that’s what I’m gonna do on my podcast, you know? We’ll go over people’s styles. … You won’t just see me break down Drake and Kendrick, you know? It has to be a specific song.”

He continued: “You could play it. You could play the first two bars, and then I’ll break that down for you. Did they rhyme syllables? Did they use figurative language?”

As you see above, Cassidy is probably saying for him to give full details about Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rap styles, then it has to see them on hit. However, he has noted earlier, that Drake has different styles of rap. Sure Kendrick Lamar also has his ways of rap that makes him what he is today.

Some questions which most people on Reddit ask are “Does he use internal rhymes and a slow pace like nas or is he multisyllabic like Andre 3000?”

“More of an internal rhyming guy. But you can tell he’s not trying to be the big rhyming guy. He has improved greatly recently with TPAB and DAMN. tho.

“I know some rappers using big words To make their similes curve My simplest shit be more pivotal” someone replied.

Below you can watch the video where Cassidy breaks the difference between Drake and Kendrick Lamar rap Styles. So far, Drake has appeared on some few songs which you can check out on his 2023 songs and features here on Aswehiphop.