Chris Brown & Usher Argus on a Video Amid Fight

Chris Brown & Usher Argus on a Video Amid Fight

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This is kind of what happened between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj back in 2018. Today, it has been reported that another top artists seen arguing and they happen to be Chris Brown and Usher. No brawel exchanged but TMZ has confirmed that there was a kind of scuffle after the argument was taken to outside.

You might be wondering what caused the argument. Well, Chris Brown celebrated his 34th birthday and that was on Saturday morning. The B day featured some celebrities including Usher Raymond IV who is popularly known as Usher.

What really between Chris Brown and Usher wasn’t a fight though was trying to get into that after Chris Brown tried to talk to Teyana Taylor who came along with Usher. However, Teyana seemed not interested in Chris Brown, she was ignoring him as a source revealed.

According to an eyewitness, Chris Brown was pissed off, and he started to yell at her meanwhile Usher intervened and tried to calm him down. You can see that in our video here.

Chris Brown Usher and Teyana Taylor

Chris Brown’s reaction to that moment looks as if he was having a tangible beef with Usher. He was yelling at Usher after the singer intervened between Chris and Taylor’s unbalanced convo. Chris Brown then called his crew and they left the faculty unhappy. Following their exit, Usher took off his skates and went after them.

Our eyewitness who says they were present also said that they saw Usher go behind a string of charter buses that were parked in the lot … where Chris and his crew were at. We’re told a short time later, Usher emerged with what appeared to be a bloody nose (TMZ).

So far, Chris Brown’s 2023 plans are currently what the singer is working on. He shared BREEZY album last year. Of course, Chris is working on a new album. But before that, he had shared a couple of songs you might want to listen to. Check out Chris Brown’s 2023 songs.

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