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Wiz Khalifa Slams Smokers Who Quite Smoking

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Smoking is what Wiz Khalifa does for a living. It looks like a gift to him, and he always enjoys smoking every second. The professional weed smoker has slammed some of his fellow smokers who later turned away from smoking. He’s not mad at them, but he just wants give them advice.

Wiz Khalifa never go against those whose lives have changed after they stopped smoking. He also believes smoking no more has changed some people’s lives. But he’s not doing that sooner or later, like he wants to smoke forever.

In a video shared by hiphopdx, Uncle Wiz Khalifa seems to have an issue with those who stepped forward announced quitting smoking has changed their lives.

According to Wiz Khalifa, if you have really stopped smoking for a long time, don’t try to convince people to stop smoking weed. Never try to say it just to show that your life has changed so much.

“That shit – it don’t happen that fast,” he added. “Tap in about 15 years when the effects really kick in. A year, a couple days, a few months… That ain’t long enough to see no progress, fam. Straight up.”

He continued: “And if you wasn’t getting shit done off of weed, it’s probably just ‘cause you don’t know how to get shit done. Some people eat too much and they get fat. You gotta know how to moderate that shit. So if you been smoking 10-15 years, tap in 15 years later if you not smoking weed and then make a fucking video.”

While he’s not quitting weed anytime soon, Wiz did recently share a track titled “NeverDrinkingAgain.” Posting the song on social media at the end of 2022, Wiz wrote: “Just in time for New Years. Enjoy your festivities drink responsibly and tag me when you use this sound in your video the day after #neverdrinkingagain.”

Wiz Khalifa stop smoking? Well, the rapper never said he is stopping it anytime.


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