What he does for a living

Wiz Khalifa Explains What He Does For A Living

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Wiz Khalifa is simply a diverse hip-hop artist who has multiple means of incoming. Normally he is well known as a hip-hop rapper who has released a bunch of classic albums, and song videos. One of his best favourite music videos is See You Again.

That was just one of his best-selling songs even to date. So apart from that, the black and yellow rapper has narrated briefly what he does for a living and below you can check it out.

Wiz Khalifa recently shared his new album Multiverse which he also mentioned in the video where is naming what he does for a living. Also, Aswehiphop has Wiz Khalifa 2022 songs compilation. There you can be able to see all the new songs that have featured Wiz Khalifa since this year.